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Artist: Cordis Cincti Serpente (@)
Title: Noo Yuggoth (Redux)
Format: Tape
Label: Industrial Ölocaust Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
Cordis Cincti Serpente seems to be the dark ambient project of Adrian Marcado from Bari, Italy and 'Noo Yuggoth (Redux)' is a 13 track album on 2 C60 cassettes, limited to 31 signed copies also with a booklet. There is not a lot of information to go on about this project. The only previous release under this name was in 1989, a self-titled C46 cassette, again limited to 31 copies with the participants being Giovanni Lisi and Ivan Iusco, the latter being the owner and founder of Minus Habens Records. I get the impression that Adrian Marcado could be a pseudonym for one or both of the previous participants. In any case, 'Noo Yuggoth (Redux)' is touted as "an exploration into Lovecraftian's Metaphysic" as you might expect from the title. Not difficult at all to believe as so much dark ambient music these days taps into H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. I warn you though that this is not all smooth sailing into the void to play with the Outer Gods. After a somewhat placid, yet disturbing dark and pulsating voyage on "Dvr'n Dbr'h," The first shock comes at the beginning of title track "Noo Yuggoth" with a piercing high pitched feedback tone that had me throwing my headphones across the room in order to avoid eardrum damage. Not cool!! Not cool at all. After that super-shock the rest of the track is rather calm but strange in a warpy-wobbly world. Monsters or wild beasts seem to be lurking everywhere in "Ft'ath aga" as their growls and groans will attest. " Ish' Nishg' urh'raTth" is comprised of backwards voices and bubbly, burbley electronics making a rather weird, creepy impression. "A'Ahzmuth" sounds like astral cats caught in a cosmic wringer with lots of variable feedback manipulation. It went on a little too long for my taste. On "A'AAAhZ'Pha" there are slow, low transmissions from beyond zapped by some kind of electronic device. "EheD'Z" sounds like the beast feeding on corpses, mindlesly devouring all within its reach. This is the lengthiest track in the work going on for an astounding twelve minutes! "Z'eed'erth" is only 1:35 but might well be the most disturbing track of all. It has an undercurrent of uncompromising evil to it. The watery grave of "PnaaTha" is almost a relief as a sort of placid respite, as much as you could have on an album like this. On "m'Fung" you will swear that Tulushuggua has deigned to have a personal conversation with you. "LL'Sh'drth" is the embodiment of cosmic horror from beyond; the kind of space music that pours its nightmarish content into every crevice of your being. "N'oz y'ggth" is supposed to be a reprise of "Noo Yuggoth" but it is rather different- more like a swarm of killer bees than anything else. The name Cordis Cincti Serpente is taken from Aleister Crowley's Holy Books of Thelema (Vol. 1 - Liber LXV: Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente), an account of the relations of the aspirant and his Holy Guardian Angel. I believe this release is obviously not intended for the masses, but rather that small cult of Lovecraftians who may even work in Magick. That indeed is a limited market, but it seems the artist was more interested in doing the work than profiting by it. For a discriminating esoteric clientele only; difficult but rewarding for those acolytes.

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