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Jul 13 2017
Artist: Enderie
Title: Tape 1
Format: Tape
Label: A Guide To Saints
Andrew McLellan as Enderie’s debut “Tape 1” is a mini-album comprising six lo-fi, slightly punky analogue electro workouts of raw-edged samples, thickly distorted basslines, and rapid drumming circa 150bpm. Sonically it’s got at least one foot in 1980’s new wave, with a very grungy aesthetic.

After the bright and rather manic opening track “The System Decides” (the only track where vocal samples are really prominent), “Meal” is a calmer and more stripped back affair, looping what might or might not be dinner party ambience over drums for a while before some proto-techno-style synth loops arrive. “Stopped Memory” takes things deeper still, with vocal loops transformed into an industrial rhythm over which squelchy acid analogue sounds walk ominously.

“Attack The Power Of The Hordes” has a more retro gaming feel to it somehow, with a marching militaristic rhythm and more percussive power. “Sore” sticks out like, erm, a sore thumb, with its seriously pushed distortion screeching crisply over a glam-rock style drum thump. Final track “It’s A Feasible Feat To Be Here” is another bit of focussed heavy lo-fi techno.

“Tape 1” is a really solid debut, a very straightfaced bit of analogue-heavy beat work that manages to shine out from its retro-facing approach and technological restrictions, and could be the beginning of great things.

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