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Artist: Claude Speeed
Title: Infinity Ultra
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Planet Mu Records
“Infinity Ultra” is like a disassembly of rave and electronica, exploring and meshing with its constituent parts and rebuilding it into something that still retains the structure and the sounds, but which has been pulled completely out of clubland and into a different space. The kicks and crashes are all gone, leaving tracks that at times sound like lightweight synthwave, and at other times like stems ripe for remixing rather than complete tracks. However there are also some deeper and edgier pieces to mix it up a bit.

There are fifteen tracks here, someone of them very succinct and with a slightly raw, unpolished edge. Highlights include “Ambien Rave”, the frantic chiptune-esque stylings of “Entering The Zone” and the odd yet powerful looped vocal patterns of final track “DreamDream”.

Kuedo’s guest appearance on “Alternate Histories” gives things a darker flavour, based around a rhythmic deep pulse and spaced-out curt string noises. Other more atmospheric pieces include “Moonchord Supermagic”- surely a calling card for soundtrack work- and the relentless lo-fi gutpunchers of “Super 800 NYC”.

It’s a release that’s very typical of the Planet Mu label, in a good way- it’s electronica, but not like anybody else does. It’s atmospheric, irreverent, and high quality in a weirdly deceptive way.

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