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Artist: Brutter
Title: Reveal And Rise
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Hubro Music
Established Norwegian jazz siblings Christian and Fredrik Wallumrød’s “Reveal And Rise” is an exploration of rhythms, and also of the absence of rhythms. Being singularly focussed on drums and adopting a sonic palette that mixes 1980’s style proto-techno with the analogue electronic avantgarde tones of a generation earlier, but wrapping them up with a sprinkle of modern dubby production, gives everything a very small-scale, insular vibe, like listening to the most complicated headache you’ve ever had (and then some)- but instead of techno’s regular thumping, this seems to be a piece of music where the space between the beats is more important than the beats themselves. It’s spaced out, in the literal sense- super-slow and consequently rather dark.

The real meat of this very short album is the two tracks “Mi Tek No” and “Your House”, both deep adventures into delay, punchy subbass and echo. “Mi Tek No” is surprisingly foot-tapping-friendly and a great entry point- “Your House” is deeper and more sparse.

After that, the remaining pieces are shorter and have a more unfinished experimental tone to them. “Stand To Downfalls” is a simple playing with mixing reversed and unreversed kick drums, while “Fallfinish” takes body-fall style effects and loops their tails indefinitely. “Push Push” sparingly adds Pierre Henry-esque electronic squeaks while “Hide And Sink” has a slow slightly swaggering groove to it and stands out by sounding more like ‘normal music’.

As a 34-minute exercise in thumping beat complexities, this album grabs your attention and keeps it. It’s a standout bit of experimental work.

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