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Artist: Phonophani
Title: Animal Imagination
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Hubro Music
“Animal Imagination” is a rough-hewn collection of thinly diced found sounds and electronic sounds blended into an alien and sometimes cacophonous melee of sincere oddness that does a major in experimental and a minor in electronica. The source palette is broad but frequently used ingredients include softened white noise and close-sounding, percussive organic noises, all muddied up with processing that gives the whole thing an unusually intimate, almost smothering feel.

The synth washes and more stable windy drones that are barely audible in opener “Life’s White Machine” get their chance to shine in “Deep Learning”, a deep alt-techno affair with utterly lovely mesmerising subbass tones and odd time signatures that feels like it might belong on a different album. Another piece that sounds faintly out of place is “A Dark, Sharp, Heartless” with its brief foray into more guitar-shoegaze territory.

The twisted yoik-like vocal of Mari Kvien Brunvoll brings an unusual flavour to “Untime Me” (and possibly uncredited to “I Have No Subconscious”?) that make all-too-brief highlights, before the extensive title track takes what sounds like bowed instruments being manhandled and glitches them into chaos with a result that makes you feel like you’re trapped inside a creaky wooden pirate ship that’s somehow ended up in the Tron universe- a feeling that briefly returns on album closer “Sirma, 1997”.

Longest track “End Of All Things III” is the exemplifier of an album that’s thickly layered, complex and at times challenging. It’s a clear labour of love with a lot of energy and a definite shine.

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