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Artist: Christopher Chaplin
Title: Deconstructed (Remix EP)
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Fabrique Records
This is an EP of reworkings of tracks from Chaplin’s debut solo album “Je Suis Le Ténébreux” released last year. For those who still think ‘remix’ only means dance music, this release should set you straight. Four guest artists take elements from Chaplin’s work and build new environments out of it.

Jama Irmert’s take on “Aelia Laelia” is a multi-stage piece full of dramatic shifts, with all sorts of elements flying in and out- choral notes, distorted guitars, drones and deep electronic bubbles. It’s generally a little more abrasive than the material on Irmert’s own debut “End Of Absence”.

Tim Story brings his ‘electronic chamber music’ aesthetic to the title track from the album, creating something with a slow, slightly jazzy live feel of piano, drums and deep plucked bass, with retriggering electronic glitch-percussive noises and serious sounding radio-like vocal snippets sprinkled very liberally on top.

Peter Zirbs’ take on “Lucius Agatho” consists of long guitar-esque drone tones, melded with a rapid tip-tapping of crisp electronic processing. It evolves smoothly and fairly quickly, fitting into a six minute slot but leaving the impression that it could have easily sustained twice as long.

The remix of “Aelia Laelia” is sadly missing from the promo so I can’t comment on that, but from the first three tracks of the four track EP, it’s a lovely little collaborative package that works well as a sampler both of Chaplin’s and all the remixers’ work.

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