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Artist: Loke Rahbek
Title: City Of Women
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Editions Mego
Loke Rahbek’s debut solo album is a collection of dark, distorted drones and electronic washes and piano melodies.

The title track is a highlight, taking EDM sounds and remoulding them into something extensive and cinematic not dissimilar to some of BT’s soundtrack work. “A Mess Of Love” is also a mini-epic, beginning sparsely before opening into a triumphant-sounding quasi-orchestral conclusion (and a bizarre single drum hit at the end which frankly sounds like a mistake). Opener “Like A Still Pool” and closer “Take Pleasure In Habits” work well as book-ends, sombre punctuation for what’s between.

However at times it feels a little soundscape-electronica-by-numbers, with pieces like “Fermented” a very familiar arrangement of moody tones and lonely piano notes rather lacking in a distinct character, and “Swimwear” carrying a strong sense of deja vu with it. Like many other debuts, a more adventurous focus might have lifted this album to higher accomplishments, but as it is it’s a rich and interesting listen.

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