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May 17 2017
Artist: Spoony Bard
Title: Dweeb
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
“Just playing jazz wasn’t cutting it any more”, said David Nord, so he delved into the L.A. electronic scene and started bringing his jazz guitar experience into a world of glitched, faintly retro synth-electronica. The result is “Dweeb”, an 8-track mini-album of quirky, semi-organic slow-stepping electronica numbers that sound like casual jazz cut up and reworked with technical precision. Some tracks even throw in a little Chromeo-ish funk for good measure.

It’s dynamic, with plenty of surprise changes, such as when the title track segues into the short-lived sort-of-drum-and-bass “Dryout” finale. The rhythms are complex and not always predictable- “Solitary Isle / Words Are Wind” one of those patterns that’s hard to understand yet sounds perfectly natural if you’re not counting it.

It’s instrumental in parts with short vocal snippets, but there are loose-form songs too- “Vibe / Void” and “Much Better” have full-on frustration-driven raps, while “Mantra / Micawber” plays like a verse in search of a chorus.

Things branch out towards the end. “Geno” is a temporary glimpse into a neighbouring universe where this was a more stripped-back drone album, but even at only a little over two minutes, there’s still space for the gentle groove to work its way back in. “Commoner” is another rap track but with a harder-edged beat and acid tones.

At under half an hour it’s a short-but-sweet album of offbeat programming and genre straddling that’s steeped in sincerity and introspection, sombre and at points a little inaccessible. It’s hard to pigeonhole and worth checking out for yourself.

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