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Artist: Deciduous Flux (@)
Title: Jupiter
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released

Colorado-based Deciduous Flux’s Jupiter is a theater-of-the-mind of sci-fi narratives from the netherworld of power electronics and early Industrial a la early Throbbing Gristle and Nocturnal Emissions. The planet Jupiter is the unifying theme of this album where each track excerpts major or B-movie films that mention, through dialogue, the largest planet in our solar system. One fun game is trying to guess which sci-fi movie or documentary is excerpted from each song. The only film excerpt I recognized was from 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Stylistically, this album is a refreshing listen. While Jupiter is electronic, it does not fit in any genre like ambient, dubstep or techno. There are drum machines, synths, chip tunes accents, acoustic instruments, and effects—especially on the film excerpts which are put through a lot of reverb and echo. Other close musical touchstones to this album is the work of Bryn Jones as E.g. Oblique Graph, before he became Muslimgauze, for its use of austere drum machines and reverb drenched instrumentals in tandem with treated audio samples. The major departure point between Deciduous Flux and other mentioned musical projects is Jupiter seems to embrace optimism and wonder, with a touch of humor. It took several listens for this reviewer to wrap his mind around the music because there are no conventional melodies here, rather narrative or soundtrack music to imaginary radio plays. The only exception is “Jupiter 8”, which is a quirky ode to hip hop meets illbient meets chip tunes meets sci-fi B-movie. As for the rest of the album, part of their netherworld quality can be attributed to Deciduous Flux’s creative process which they call ‘Automatic Recording’. Deciduous Flux member, Wesley Young explains, “(Our music) is similar to automatic drawing. Where you leave yourself open to your subconscious. Becoming more of an invocation or an evocation. Instead of having a detailed plan, one comes up with sounds on the fly at that moment and hit record. None of our music has been structured vocal samples. All of our tracks are raw instant creations with no rehearsals. You get lost in the process and there for it becomes more direct from the heart...As people grow and change, so many things will effect and possibly change those creations or the creating process. I believe automatic recording avoids this phase for the most part. When we are recording and we slip away, we become a single composition of sound and I believe there is a lot of channeling involved.” Deciduous Flux is music to get happily lost to and then eventually led to musical realms you would not discover otherwise.

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