Music Reviews

Artist: The Star Pillow
Title: Invisible Summer
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Midira Records
“Invisible Summer” comprises four remarkably simple pieces of ambient drone, blended from electronics and guitar sounds that have been so processed that their DNA is almost wholly electronic too. Recorded live in sun-washed Northern Italy during the Summer of 2016, it’s extremely beautiful in its languid simplicity. Gentle melodic note patterns ebb slightly into our consciousness, and it delicately balances mellow with melancholy.

Second track “While You’re Sleeping In July” in particular has, as the title suggests, a wave-like soporific quality to it that makes it absolutely ideal for meditative thought, or just happily nodding off. Third track “Under The Ice Of August” is again aptly named, with a cooler, slightly windier and more fragile glass tone, before “The End Is The Beginning” yet again takes a literal title as it at first returns to the original form of the opening track, before developing into a more guitar-heavy grand shoegaze finale that is very slightly at odds with the structure of the rest of the album.

Stunningly simple but very effective, “Invisible Summer” won’t win any awards for innovation but this is a luxurious sound bath that I’d very highly recommend.

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