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Artist: Glice | Coen Oscar Polack (@)
Title: Race To The Bottom
Format: Tape
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
After the release of Fleisch, Glice returns with another release on Narrominded that is a collaboration with Coen Oscar Polack which has a reputation made out of releases based on subtler equilibrium in respect to the Glice's thick mass of sound. However, Glice has an idea of noise much more multifaceted than the usual barrage of sound which is the usual expectation of the listener when he approaches a release classified under the noise genre.
So the first minutes of this release, as even a sax enters in the audio framework, seems to have more in common with free jazz than noise as the complex audio spectrum associated with this genre hasn't a physical impact but instead is a sort of ever changing figure where all sounds, even if they are dissonant, have a relation with each other so there's a sort of crescendo until all sound generate a sort of drone and a voice stops all this mass and engage a sort of dialectic with the noises that generates a rhythmic structure which creates the path for the final cathartic part based on noises ending in silence as all components are silenced in an exercise of deconstruction.
With a greater dynamics than an average noise release, this work could be even classified as experimental as they are evidently much more concerned with a musical development than an dull exercise of musical impact. Truly recommended for all fans of experimental music.

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