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Artist: M:Pathy (@)
Title: Anticipation/Pressure
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Skalator Music (@)
Rated: *****
Some days ago, Portuguese d'n'b label Skalator Music add the eight input in his relatively young catalogue, signed by the likewise young producer Michael Mahfouz aka M:Pathy. Hailing from the vibrant Birmingham scene, Michael already signed many good tunes (mostly for Terabyte Records) in the past, which meet the tastes of many drum's bass diggers over Internet. Most of the listeners has risen their thumbs up for his skills in combining almost tribal beats, eerie atmospherics, straight patterns and murky vibes (close to the style of other nicely nasty producers of the scene such Random Movement, Spectrasoul, Ivy Lab, Lenzman and Villem). The two tracks he included in this new gear of Skalator Music is an evidence of the reason why he already received the support of prominent names of d'n'b such as Noisia, LTJ Bukem, Zero T or Counterpoint Crew. "Anticipation" is the typical track where listeners has the feeling the author provoked some ferocious robotic beast, whose roars sounds muffled and guttural. I enjoyed the way he masked hi-hats in the feline pattern of the track as well as its dynamics. The atmospheric side of M:Pathy is listenable in the other half of this tidbit, he titled "Pressure", an excellent roller built over intriguing pads and well organized ticking percussions, a simple synth stub and a prestressed set of punching thumps.

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