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Apr 03 2017
Artist: Wolf & 111X
Title: Final Star
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Infinite Machine
Wolf’s second release on his own Infinite Machine label is a thumper, consisting of two original tracks and two remixes.

The title track is generated by taking the ingredients commonly used in cinema trailers for sci-fi and action movies- gut punching brassy bass notes and super-thick single kick drums at the bottom, alien-sounding tension strings and sharp effects at the top- and reworking them into a post-dubstep thumper. The ‘Zimmer horn’ is used liberally and despite the relatively slow pace, it’s a relentless exercise in non-subtlety.

Second track “Wounded Alien” has the same sonic core but is a little more cleverly structured, with a hint of large-scale industry and a sense of heightening tension. While the opening track takes soundtrack soundscapes to extremes, the second track could potentially have been an actual soundtrack- with a little more ebb and flow this could have been the score for a superhero fighting robots in a giant warehouse- that’s the universe we’re in with this.

Astrosuka’s remix of “Wounded Alien” takes the track into deep space, thinning out and glitching up the percussive elements and bringing the softer plaintive top synth lines forward, with W3C’s elongated take on the same track gives things a more methodical feel, with a heartbeat-like kick drum and very slowly building, tribal-meets-industrial drumming.

It’s a thick sci-fi-meets-slow-techno package that will appeal to people who love cinema trailers for the sheer thrill of the subbass and who aren’t too fussed what the film is actually about.

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