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Artist: Moon Gravity
Title: Antarctica
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Silber Media (@)
Stas Neilyk from Sweden issues a debut release- either an EP or a mini-mini-album depending on how you look at it- that’s a tribute to the Antarctic polar night. Why somebody from so far up the Northern hemisphere would be more interested in the Southern polar night is not made clear but thankfully it’s not important.

What we have here is three tracks, totalling 23 minutes, of moody, slow post-rock very reminiscent (to me at least) of the Resonance Association et al. Repeated guitar chords with slow filters walk relentlessly over low-end drones with a feel that’s organic, and also surprisingly warm considering the dark and frozen musical concept.

With its plucked guitar lines processed into sounding synthetic, and distant deep vocal chords, opener “Nightfall” starts resembling a moody piece of Vangelis score- including, but not limited to, his 1983 “Antarctica” score. There’s elements of this in final track “Purpling” as well, although in the latter the guitar has shades of Peter Hook. This comparison is more loose than direct, for the legal record!

Longest track “Snowstorm” has a greater emphasis on a more traditional guitar sound, and is firmly placed in shoegaze territory for the most part. Two-thirds through, there’s a surprise, as the present at the end of a crescendo is a slow techno beat that, while the piece stays firmly on its original track, gives it a new lease of life for the remainder of its run.

The finale of “Purpling” is a familiar melodic peaking, a technique often used at the end of atmospheric scores to signal the top of the metaphorical (or literal) mountain, and while there’s a bit of a sense that this kind of work has been done before somewhat, it’s still a well-made and emotive mini-album. It’s more melodic and arguably more MOR than Silber’s typical output, but may prove to be a good way in for newcomers.

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