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Artist: Akira Kosemura (@)
Title: One Day
Format: CD
Label: Schole (@)
Rated: *****
Kosemura's imprint released a lot of lovely stuff in the last year. One of the most recent output is the 7th solo album by his label boss, coming out just three months after "Momentary: Memories of the Beginning," his 6th one after five years of no new items to his discography. Both of this recent releases are superb and remark the recognizable aesthetics I often spoke about when I introduced Akira's music, combining nuances of French impressionism, soundtracks, minimalism, ambient and spots of electronics, but I decided to focus on "One Day" due to some exciting features. First of all, it got entirely composed in one afternoon and such a spontaneous immediacy is evident while listening to the ten lovely improvisations he recorded before the wise mastering at Black Saloon Studios by British sound engineer Mandy Parnell (former collaborator of well known and respected names of contemporary scene such as Bjork, Aphex Twin and Max Richter), who succeeds in emphasizing the vintage beauty of Akira's mono sound recording, where the ambient noises (the crackling of the seat, the sound of the tapping on piano keys and so on) grabbed by one microphone didn't get intentionally removed - a guessed choice, ageing the sound like a picture got aged by a Polaroid -. Such a recording closely relates to the second relevant feature of "One Day": Akira performed and composed it on an old piano he used to play in his family home since he was a child. Such a familiar environment and the genuine immediacy strongly influenced the sound, where tones and melodies seems to speak out and continuously intertwine with the memories that resurfaced out of Akira's thoughts on that beloved instrument...and who knows, maybe some of the tunes he recorded in "One Day" were the ones he used to play many years ago. I'm pretty sure Akira will help you recollecting forgotten and beautiful memories of your tender age... while playing in background, a friend of mine movingly- and without any apparent reason - shared some memories of a peacock he liked to feed when he was a little child, whenever his father brought him to a park in the city centre of his hometown. I recommend testing the effect on your memories of Akira's homemade stuff.

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