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Artist: Arovane + Porya Hatami
Title: Organism
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Karlrecords (@)
“Organism” is a German-Iranian collaboration. Arovane’s other releases have had IDM beats, but this is essentially rhythm-less soundscaping. It’s predominantly a rich base environment with an analogue and biological feel, very insular and akin to alien womb recordings. Whatever the titular organism is, we’re clearly inside it.

There are sporadic and more digital elements in the upper registers either flitting through the scene or barely audible in the distance. Sometimes they seem like micro-samples, sometimes like arcing electrics. It’s these that make the overall tone so difficult to judge. Are we feeling warm and comforted here, relaxed and safe? Or is there a distant threat and a mysterious unknown outside that might be getting closer? It’s genuinely difficult to tell. This must be what being a nearly-born baby feels like, albeit without the constant heartbeat noise- though heartbeat-like sounds do appear on the fourth “Rhizome”.

Many of the pieces are single-note, single-tone, though in tracks like “Specreature” there’s a more traditional lyrical melody at play, albeit one that’s very very far away, and “Tuber” makes use of that distant echoing bell sound that’s really getting rather common in soundscape pieces. People who are extremely sensitive to nails-down-a-blackboard noises may struggle with “Macro Organism”.

Between most of the tracks there’s a “Rhizome”, a short and slightly glitchier interlude that’s marginally more analogue-synth-knob-twiddly than the longer pieces, with slightly more prominent mechanical and outer-space flavours. Other than those, “Organism” is predominantly very consistent, with no surprises or gear shifts in its hour-long span.

There are a lot of releases which sound like this; perhaps this is a little deeper than average but it’s a very familiar concoction. With a little bit of playlist pruning you can still get an enjoyable soporific night-time album out of it.

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