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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Susan Smith's "Songs for Dead Children"
Format: CD
Label: Somnambulant Corpse recordings (@)
Unfortunately I didn't get to hear this CD because it arrived damaged in the mail, but I guess I'll give it a quick review/note anyway for those who might be interested. Somnambulant Corpse recordings has decided to release this creepy CD compilation inspired by child murderess Susan Smith, who's serving a life sentence. This is supposed to be a desperate plea for affection (Susan Smith's personal ad is printed in the CD in lay card so that non judgmental people wishing to write her in prison may do so). The compilation features Baal, Axiomata, Sickness, Recant, Edicius, Inhalant, Yeti, SCR-project Kuru, Ergastula, Xterminal, AntiChildLeague, Baal/Berith. You can get this Species23 CD from Somnambulant, The Rectrix and Baal/Berith for US$12/US$14 world postage paid.

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