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Artist: Enmarta
Title: The Hermit
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
This second effort by Enmarta on Cryo Chamber is a complex release that is unified by the water samples (rain or rivers) appearing in more of less all tracks so all sound, being synthetic or not, seem placed in the real world. But the most remarkable aspect of this release is that he tries to develop a musical discourse rather than being a showcase of cinematic sound.
The canonical form exposed in "Apokatástasis I" opens this release creating the impression to hear the next dark ambient release but the complexity of the construction of "March of the Priests" with his use of drone, sample and his development toward an emotional part by the viola which closes the track marks this release as something to hear with close attention. "Journey to the Celestial Rivers" starts as ambient track with quite layers of synth but reveals itself as a sort of modern classical track as the central part is a lied for viola and cello. The martial atmosphere which opens "Apokatástasis II" is a partial change that introduce a solo for viola while "Passing" is the first track of this release where the viola and the ambient elements are fused in a cohesive whole. "The Hermit" is an evocative ambient track based on a drone and a loop of synth. "Temple of Abandon" closes this release starting as a synth track with a use of vibrato which is close to the sound of theremin and evolving in a viola line which is interrupted by the ubiquitous sound of the rain.
An atmospheric release that would be appreciated by fans of dark ambient and modern classical if both parties are willing to accept unorthodox ways to interpret this music. Truly recommended.

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