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Artist: Unsettled Dust
Title: Formless Realm
Format: CD
Label: Black Mara (@)
Rated: *****
Unsettled Dust is one of the few artists that could be well described as 'underground' as no information is available on the web for this artist and there's no liner notes for this release so the listener is left alone. This release is a typical dark ambient release that is centered on the development of an atmosphere and the development of a drone with slight modification to escape, or underline, stillness.
The soundscape of "Formless realm" which opens this release is as canonical as crafted: layers of sound are juxtaposed until they sound as static as moving; every section of this long track is marked by a layer in the foreground while the previous slowly enters in the background. "Stream enterer" is based on slowly moving drones which hypnotize a listener with a proper attitude. While the first part of "Appeasement" is perhaps too predictable, the second one tries to bother with subtler sounds until there's a return to the first part of the track. "Accomplishment" closes this release with a sort of field recordings immersed in a slowly moving drone which surrounds silence.
This is that kind of release that will be loved by fans of the genre as will let uncertain the listener searching for the next big thing. Nice but only for fans of the genre.

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