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Artist: Jessy Lanza
Title: Oh No No No EP
Format: 12"
Label: Hyperdub
This is a collection of three remixes of different Jessy Lanza tracks, bringing out some ‘very Hyperdub’ flavours- super-deep bass and atmospherics, complex rhythm patterns and minimalistic aesthetics dominate.

Morgan Geist’s remix of “I Talk BB” is an odd hybrid of a slow, soulful, romantically-toned ballad and a cold, overtly digital tonal quality. It wanders surprising close to ‘sexy slow’ cliché territories at times and surprisingly, despite Geist’s credentials, is the least successful track in the pack.

The radio-edit-like DJ Taye x Spinn remix of “Could B U” is in like with the thread of modern pop that’s spacious, shiny, and which revels in its own simplicity; less is more here. The unexpected twist is the relentless pounding subbass, which listeners on smartphone speakers won’t even hear- it’s the focal point of the track and without which it’s about as minimal as I’ve ever heard from pop music.

“Going Somewhere” seems to be a collection of YouTube beauty tip soundbites rather than a song, with DVA [Hi:Emotions] structuring their own brand new, Funkstörung-like sci-fi electro-glitch moodscape out of it. Bleeps and whirrs and mindtwisting panning ride over a staccato rhythm.

A neat bundle of super-deep reworkings for a serious bit of late-night, eyes-closed, headphones-on action.

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