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Artist: Pris
Title: Love, Labour, Loss
Format: 12"
Label: Avian (@)
Rated: *****
It's the anxiety ray talking or pervading the tracks of the second ring in the chain by British Berlin-based producer Jake Woodhouse aka Pris. Following 'This Heavy Heart', its 4-track landing on Avian, the imprint by Shifted, alter-ego of Guy Alexander Brewer (mostly known to drum'n'bass lovers as a leg of the notorious project Commix together with George 'Endian' Levings and Conrad 'JJ' Whittle), 'Love, Labour, Loss' could be considered its sequel under Pris' own admission. Both of these releases seems to have been inspired by the sometimes painful process of growth, accelerated by the relocation to a foreign country, but I would also argue that the self-evident anxiety as mentioned earlier soaking Pris' sound is an irrational but sometimes logically consistent emotional response to the days we mostly experience. Anxiety sounds like gurgling in between the mechanical stress by which he pack the flailing and ghostly entities of the opening "Ad Infinitum", matching to the controversial ridgeline of technology as a tool of liberation and enslavement at the same time while listening both the excerpt and the extended versions of "Divinity"; it (I mean anxiety) almost becomes a subdermal electrical pulse leading to mystical experience in the ambient track "Crux", wraps the sonic wheezing in the suffocating electronic haze of "Sunk" and awakens the dormant instinctive side in the evoking industrial-veined techno hitting of "Feral Calling". Pris' masterfully assembled textures manage to counterbalance this overflowing of anxiety at least!

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