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Artist: Sote (@)
Title: 10inch04
Format: 10"
Label: REPITCH Recordings
Rated: *****
A sympathy for hardcore and gabber sonorities and maybe of the so-called pink elephants by Iranian producer Ata Ebtekar aka Sote was evident since some tracks and playlist he posted and played here and there. As in recent days, we're surprisingly witnessing a reprise of supposedly dead sonorities within techno scene; this outputs including a couple of long-lasting hyper-frenzy tracks, dating back the first of the second half of the nineties when the phenomenon of gabber-fuelled or hardcore-jungle rave parties was still booming. The most surprising aspect of both tracks is its quality, higher than the average one of the outputs orbiting around those sonorities. Sote compressed heavily distorted buzzes, thumping claps, amphetaminic pumping, rattling electronic bleeps and unusual insertion of breathtaking pad-synths in the 10 minutes of the massively punching hardcore techno "Neuroenhancer" (built in 1995), whose expanding decay and entropy correctly flows in "In Music I Trust" (a collaborative track he assembled with San Francisco-based DJ and producer in 1997), a bombing tune in between hardcore-jungle and so-called jump-up drum N bass that becomes more and more elastic and corroded (a spaced-out Prodigy-like yell and the abrasive distortion by which these guys filtered a piano string are really bizarre choices) after a somehow disorienting chilling incipit. Nicely dissonant meditation on conventional sonic fuel for old ravers.

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