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Artist: Magnetica Ars Lab / DK 5600
Title: Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 10
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Final Muzik
Recently I received this split MCD with Magnetica Ars Lab, project headed by Arnaldo Pontis, and DK5600, duo coming from Trieste (so both Italians). It is a limited item which is part of the Final Muzik's CD Singles Club. Let's start with Magnetica Ars Lab, who with "Ground Control" are really walking on a dangerous area, because making a sort of Bowie's cover without trying to make one it's a really difficult target. In this case, I'm sorry to say that while I appreciate the cold ambient background atmosphere created, I didn't like the vocals at all, because there's the attempt to follow a little the original melody without doing it and this is the tricky part: or you're really good at it, or you don't do it, because doing that, the people will compare this version with the original. In my humble opinion it would have been much better a reading or a filtered voice not attempting to do any melody at all or a different melody with also a different metric. About DK5600, you read about them here some time ago when I reviewed their debut album "Distanza Katrias 5600". They are here with two tracks: "Punto Zero" and "Uscire Dallo Spazio Curvo". The first one is a cosmic pulsating track which brings you on board of a lost spaceship. There, you hear a voice which seems to come from the central computer. The effect is really good and the long melodic drones and the bleepy effects are really good too. On the second track, we have the same kind of processed vocals with the add of an anxious breathing with a great synth glacial ambient background. The sound is really sharp and detailed. Two really nice tracks.

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