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Artist: Meho (@)
Title: Another Crappy Day
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Crna Zemlja (@)
The latest by prolific ambient-drone producer, Meho Grbic, based out of Bosia and Herzegovina, produces dark/deep ambient and drone, often as a musical response to post-war Bosnia and its ongoing political, social, and economic malaise. Grbic works in mainland Europe for half a year and lives as an artist in Bosnia, where employment is scarce, the other half. However, he always brings his microphone and music production gear everywhere he goes to absorb and musically respond to the world around him. In Bosnia, Grbic finds no shortage of inspiration as his environs are frequently the source for his album and track titles, not to mention the very title of his label, Crna Zemlja, which means 'black city'. For all the bleak vibes and darkness that inspires Meho, the music itself is meditative, darkly beautiful—in a dreamy sort of way and recalls some of the early work of Thomas Koner. “04:00AM Wake-up Call” is an example of the way a Meho track is crafted, starting with a sustained ring, either from an alarm clock or an actual wake-up phone call, then processed and melded with ambience until itself seems a kind of illusion. “Grey Communist Buildings” feels more space ambient for all its vast, resonating feel despite its title. “Third World Train Ride” starts with reverb-drenched creaks and shuffles of busy movement, leaving a train station before it plunges into drone world, with continuous, lulling clickity-clacks and echoes, perhaps emulating the half-sleep state of drowsy commuters. “Vertigo” is the darkest drone piece of the lot, where amidst sustained, menacing tones it seems a demon is trying to speak through a nether-portal. “Sandman” is gorgeous, likely the respite of the “Crappy Day”, evoking the dreamlike feel of the music of Celer. Each track here has unique textures and tones so you really feel as if you are listening to a full album rather than mere variations of a theme. Pretty much all Meho albums are worth immersing yourself in, but this one is not a bad place to start. Pity about the title, because listening to “Another Crappy Day” makes my day anything but.

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