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Artist: Ugasanie (@)
Title: Border of Worlds
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
According to the liner notes, the Ugasanie's release is focused on the beliefs of the people of the Tundra at whose center there's the shaman and his reborn after eating the Amanita Mushroom. To narrate the ability, after this experience, to traverse between worlds with his spirit, Pavel Malyshkin makes a great use of samples to create a sort of cinematic experience and, with this narrative element, unify the tracks.
The first seconds of "White Death" immediately depict a cold atmosphere where samples upon the drone create a sense of impending menace, while "Over the Tundra" is more descriptive of a vast and uninhabited landscape. The deep bass frequencies of "Obfuscation" create the context for the final samples which create a narrative hook while "My Mother-Beast" are "On the Branches of the Sacred Larch" are almost canonical dark ambient tracks acting as an interlude to "Initiation" where the use of the voices in the background are truly evocative and continues the description of the place pictured in the cover art. "North Breath" seems to be based on a discernible little melody with isolated resonances of piano tones. "Way of Amanita" is a timbre's crescendo which quietly starts and ends after an endless accumulation. The narrative element returns in "In Cold Arctic Winds" where the samples are carefully hidden in the soundscape and "Endless Winter" closes this release with even an hint of melody hidden in the drones.
Even if someone could find this release a little too adherent to the genre's canonical form, the Ugasanie's writing makes this album something that unfolds upon repeated listening to enjoy all the subtle nuances of the sound. Recommended for fans of the genre.

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