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Artist: Krishna (@)
Title: Ascend To Nothing
Format: CD
Label: Silken Tofu
Rated: *****
Some seconds of electronic lubrication - a sort of very quick auto-tune - and the 36 minutes lasting drone-like ascensional track by Krishna, a newly signed project by experimental techno maker Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Cvltvre - and the bicephalous jazzy grind noisy duo Dead Neanderthals by Otto Kokke (saxophone) and Renè Aquarius (drums), turns its thrusters on. The intake by these Neandertals is somehow dead, as Aquarius just adds a 4/4 muffled beat while Kokke plays a single almost constant (effected) sax tone - he opens gain just after ten minutes, closes it back after further three minutes and plays this game till the end of the session -. The primary varying element is the electronic bleeps that Vincent makes boiling and bubbling over the whole drone - these gurgling input sometimes sound like the noise of those plastic calling cards, when they got beaten after a slight bending -. The final result of this almost static interaction is something in between a supposedly psychedelic session by Fuck Buttons and the first seconds of the cartoon theme song of the Italian version Great Mazinger (I admit that I repeated 'Mazingaaaaa' during the listening of "Ascend To Nothing"! Check it here, if you want to have an idea of what I'm talking about: !). After their propulsion reaches the acme around 32-33 minutes, the fuel starts getting lower and lower... that's how this ascension to nothing, recorded at the Extrapool studio in Nijmegen (the oldest city in the Netherlands) in July 2015, tragically finishes its enjoyable ride.

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