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Jan 19 2017
Artist: Mos Emvy (@)
Title: Next To Me
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: blocSonic
A two track digital ep of lush, larger-than-life melodies with smooth, harmonic vocals that surfs on rolling synth waves, Mos Emvy is a respite in a New Era of commercialized Hip Hop. Mos Emvy is alias of Cincinnati, Ohio-based hip hop artist and producer, Bryan McCorvey. McCorvey was schooled by his father in digital music production at a young age, who then grew to make instrumentals as early forays before also taking to vocals. McCorvey's influences range from luminaries like Jay Z and Nas to bands one would not normally associate with hip hop such as Nine Inch Nails, which is refreshing. While Hip Hop is narrative to a beat, it is also a genre not shy to experiment with its historic use of drum machine and sampled beats, record sample vocal fragments and audio collage as well as unconventional audio textures. The Next to Me ep title track recalls Burial's dubstep rhythms and bass that interplay with trance techno keyboards and eerie ghostly female backing vocals then pierced by Mos Emvy's harmonic rhymes to layers of electronics. “You won't see me” overtones darker electronics that sweep with ray gun intensity and some wailing feedback that either is an electric guitar or sounds a lot like one, accompanied with aggressive, driving beats. Mos Emvy delivers his lyrics with black belt martial arts precision and topical depth and maturity. This ep is produced by Apex and sounds great with more presence than you would expect from an mp3 release, as in 'I can't believe its mp3!'. Mos Emvy is a talent who embraces hard and lush electronics to deliver the goods and is an artist worth anticipating more great work from.

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