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Artist: Irk Yste (@)
Title: Wumpe / Stroppe
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: GiveUsYourGold (@)
Distributor: Finetunes
“Above all”, they claim, “Irk Yste make acid”; on the basis of this release, I’d take issue with that. This is deep techno and if you want filtered squelches, this might be a mis-sell. Nevertheless it’s still a release worth checking out though.

“Wumpe” is a steady groove that takes breakbeat patterns, arranges them with a dubstep sound palette, at a house music tempo. Long clean alternating bass notes and simple melancholic chords wash over the top, building and fading in slow moody fashion until around the five minute mark where things begin getting a little bit busier and brighter. It’s an exemplary demonstration of how to structure a very simple arrangement in a way that keeps things seriously interesting for seven minutes.

“Stroppe” is not dissimilar. It’s slower and a little more sparse, but also a little sonically lightweight. It’s not quite as strong as the first track. Like the first track though the final section is to be praised for hinting at another direction of travel, where too often tracks like this fade away or run out of steam rather than end satisfyingly.

Third track “Pamps” is a two-minute long epilogue, a sidechained drone-apella of sorts that feels like leftover stems from the track that didn’t make the cut.

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