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Artist: Orphax (@)
Title: As Yet Untitled
Format: Tape
Label: Silken Tofu
Rated: *****
A distorted electric buzz, which wraps what the typical noise of the needle on a vinyl when it reaches the last empty track, opens "Not Yet Titled", the first sidelong suite of this release by Sietse van Erve aka Orphax, coming as a dedication to Jos Smolders, as it seems it got 'based on recordings made for a never finished project for Jos Smolders in 2014'. The voltage of this 19 minutes lasting track gets higher and higher, when Orphax - almost immediately - adds spirals of thrilling sounds, which are close to the ones that many soundtracks use to highlight some frightening peak in a horror movie, and make them gurgling together with other subtle elements and a sinisterly squeaking whisper, which becomes clearly listenable some minutes before the end of the track, as if all of them turn into recipes of a highly corrosive acid soup. The soup I've just imagined could have been fatally mainlined by the organist, who fictitiously opens the title track "As Yet Untitled" by letting collapse his head on the keyboard: well-trained listeners will grab slight tonal variations over its twenty minutes as well as its resemblance to many outputs by Phil Niblock, the composer to them Orphax dedicated this somehow entrancing suite. If you listen to Niblock's "Hurdy Hurry" for instance, "As Yet Titled" could sound like its "phonocopy", rendered by means of gradually piercing higher tones, squeezed by what looks like a processed organ gradually turn to a sort of processed guitar - I could imagine Orphax prerecorded a processed organ and a processed guitar and slowly turning a fader knob to complete such a sonic migration -.

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