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Artist: Darkrad
Title: Little Black World
Format: CD
Label: Audiophob (@)
Rated: *****
According to the bio sheet, Darkrad is the work of Jana Komaritsa, who hails from Russia, but currently resides in the United States. I had not heard of her work, but her debut album was released by Cold Meat Industry in 2012, so that should give you some inkling of what you’re in for. The label describes the music of Darkrad as “a combination of Dark Ambient and Noise, which is accompanied by quiet but threatening whispered vocals.” Sounds promising; let’s get into it. "Chernota" opens with heavy bass and the standard power electronics distorted vocals a la Genocide Organ. Thankfully this shifts in the next few tracks as the vocals become slightly more intelligible (although still distorted) over throbbing bass and analog stabs. "Someone Beneath" features rumbling bass and snippets of voice that serve mainly as texture rather than as vocals. My 5-year-old loved it and said that it sounded like being in a spaceship (yes, my kids will have great taste in music). But this is not all grinding drone and machinery. "Horizont" is nice spacey dark ambient, "All Is Wrong" is almost mellow, with its muffled bass and percussion, and "Rasshelina" has moaning drones that sound like the pains of the fallen. Some of the tracks tended to become a bit repetitive though, as in the case of "Burn The Eyes." As for the remixes, "Feel The Blood" by Dirk Geiger really brings in the drums with a vengeance while "Rasshelina" remixed by Spherical Disrupted remains pretty faithful to the original with the addition of drums and minor tweaks, only changing direction toward the end. Overall this is a good mix of noise and atmosphere. This album weighs in at around 69 minutes.

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