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Artist: The Von Deer Skulls (@)
Title: The Rest Is Silence
Format: CD
Label: Wraith Productions (@)
Rated: *****
Listening to this new release from The Von Deer Skulls is something similar to listen to a couple of albums simultaneously as they write songs where a Doom Metal section is followed by a Post-Rock one, an Ambient moment by an Industrial one with a Prog attitude acting as a glue for all this pieces. The result is somehow puzzling and challenging and it's not something that could be simply categorized while asking an active attitude from the listener.
"Strong And Fragile" opens this release alternating moments of calm with explosions of fury and is resolved in an almost ambient moment. The spoken words of the first part of "The Fall Of The Raven" introduces a track mostly based on a sort of theatrical vocals upon a doom metal which evolves in a sort of progressive music while "Twilight Of Innocence" is more canonical in his structure and "Birth Of The Freak" creates an evocative atmosphere between ambient and post-rock. "Tabula Rasa" is a rhythmical tour de force while "The Fake Me" starts as a continuation of the previous track and ends with impressive accelerations in a noisy framework. "Personal Hell" is a relatively canonical doom track while "Swan Song" revolves around a bass lines until the guitar enters and takes the track into more experimental territories. "Ritual" closes this release with a rhythmical track where the drum is in the foreground and the other instruments creates a sort of soundscape when the attention is elsewhere.
A complex release where all the influences aren't blended into a single, and personal, form but arise almost singularly taking the listener's attention. A sure pick for listener of unorthodox music.

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