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Nov 01 2016
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Okqo - Form_1
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Okqo
Despite being the Oqko label’s first compilation, “Form_1” is one of those collections that’s so well curated and consistent in its sound that you might easily believe that it was one musical artist releasing an album under eleven different monickers. Like-minded individuals have all offered up different recipes from similar ingredients, melting together techno rhythms, glitch techniques, melodies borrowed from ambient, and large doses of experimental electro-punk attitude.

Smog’s “Tesla” is a strong opener, setting off with a heavy tribal electronic beat that gradually makes space for a rich ambience before coming back apace. Rodrigo Sigal’s “Brain In Pulse” is a similar but darker concoction of sub-bass and glitchy flashes of melody.

It’s not all bang bang bang bang of course. Khan Of Finland’s catchily-titled “endlosrille_st012” is a more pondering, downbeat affair, and Astvaldur’s “For Now” is a more melancholic affair with seemingly improvised synth leads. “Tender Tone” by Lvis Mejia is a super-steady slab of measured, near-beatless techno with fleeting romantic violin lines.

There are also some more formless and experimental numbers. Bugaev’s “Raw” is a rich drone layered with glittering microseconds of white noise. José Gallardo’s “Sinfonia para un hombre solo en su casa” is an angry bombast of square waves and thumping steeped in distortions and delays.

The review promo didn’t include a physical product, but only photos of it, and it’s deeply unusual-looking. It’s not even a music product per se, there’s no disc or tape involved. You get one printed transparency for each of the tracks on the compilation, housed in a large anti-static bag. Each track has been represented as a rectangle of black-and-white binary data, with the most prominent musical changes visible as changes in patterns within the rectangle. Printed on transparencies, you can then layer any or all of them against each other to create new patterns. It’s an innovative idea and one I’d have been interested to play with.

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