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Artist: Sonologyst & Kshatriy (@)
Title: Time is the Enemy
Format: Tape
Label: attenuation circuit (@)
Rated: *****
This release from Sonologyst, the project by Raffaele Pezzella based on the development of early electronic experimentation, and Kshatriy, the project by Bulychev Sergey based on drone music, is as traditional as avant-garde. From a musical perspective, it's exactly what's expected: the juxtaposition of drone music and electro-acoustic one but the equilibrium of writing is able to create a dialogue between the two forms which are complementary in nature. While drone music is rooted in stillness, the tradition referred by Sonologyst is based on a sort of perpetual movement and therefore, if it's not trivial, it escapes from the pit of the forms.
"Unaltered Mind" opens this searching a balance between background noises, high pitches and deep drones and evolves altering this equilibrium letting emerge one of their components. "Venus Smile" is based on the juxtaposition of various drones upon a subtle background of small noises. "Self Luminosity" is focused on the dialectic between a drones and the background sounds. The slow development of "Chronopolis" reveal the sense for the details of the composers and "Time is the Enemy" closes with an use of synth and a sense of aural space which reveals a vague reminiscence of kosmische musik.
Another example on how already codified forms could be drown into modernity without any nostalgia but retaining that spirit of adventure into new musical paths. It's really worth a listening.

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