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Artist: Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci (@)
Title: Agoraphonia
Format: CD
Label: Dronarivm (@)
Rated: *****
This new release from Dronarivm is an example of the zeitgeist as it's an example of the rise of the curator. The project by Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci started as an open call for field recordings about the theme of the square seen as a cultural and political landmark. In our tradition the town square is the gravity center of social intercourse while it's now in a disruption phase due to social media and modernity. Another call was done to obtain photos for the artwork, then they filter and place contribution with the objective of creating a coherent picture of the intended meaning.
The first track, "Koutoubia", is based upon the field recordings of Fabio R. Lattuca in Marocco and portrays the life of a town viewed by a fixed position where the voice from an loudspeaker, maybe a politician, is gradually buried by the other voices of the square and a resonance which develops all sounds intro a drone below the voice. "Plaza de Mayo", based upon the field recordings of Ana Maria Romano, after the distant voices of the place results in an evocative soundscape vaguely reminiscent of political implications. "Shantangjie", based upon the field recordings of Luca Bonaccorsi, generates the sense of movement of an emerging economy while "Piazza Umberto I", based upon the field recordings of Davide di Francesco, sounds as a mediation upon the emptying process of small towns distant from a metropolis. "Agoraphonia", which is based upon a bunch of contributions, is a large portrait of the life in a square without the large discussion someone could expect but with the sense of seeing a bunch of people in transit without any connection between them.
It's difficult to determine the real status of an author when there's a so large number of contributors that have done all the big decisions about the sonic material, however here could be found the sense of the role of the curator which is the research of common traits upon differences to underline the vanishing point of modernity. Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci turn out to create a coherent view of modern life in a square, and this is a true political stance, and the listener is guided into a view of the world. A truly recommended release.

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