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Artist: Ingar Zach
Title: Le Stanze
Format: CD
Label: Sofa Music
“Le Stanze” was recorded across 2014 and 2015 and mixed in 2016.

The spaciousness of opening track “La bugia dello specchio” serves as prelude to “Il battito del vichingo” as the main event, a relentless rhythmic pulsing of metal and chimes. Ten minutes of marching, tribal-ish workout then unfold and give way to spontaneous hits and reverberations that get progressively more sparse and distant.

Despite being comfortably packaged in art house territory, there are points in the first half of “Il battito del vichingo” in particular feels like it’s only a couple of synth sounds away from being an epic club track from Underworld. There’s a techno beat lurking, teasing, but never revealing itself. I struggle to tell with “L'inno dell' oscurita” whether this track is especially steeped in post-production or whether it’s a complex and elaborate arrangement of live feedback and filters creating the deeply alien and unearthly effects. I suspect it’s the latter, but either way, the result is like the waking of an intelligent alien warhorse, sinister and unnerving- and from around the five minute mark, genuinely difficult to listen to.

“È solitudine” begins in the absence of time, and apart from an occasional bang, languishes in feedback and its own evolution- standing out as being much more relaxed and pensive than the previous pieces.

In some parts this is just a single-note-bassline away from being techno, in other parts it’s a challenging discordant cacophony, in other parts a percussive chill-out album. Fascinating stuff, but hard to pin down.

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