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Artist: The International Nothing (...and something) (@)
Title: The Power Of Negative Thinking
Format: CD
Label: Monotype (@)
Rated: *****
Flaubert dreamt of writing a book about nothing, the Berlin-based clarinet players Kai Fagaschinki and Michael Thieke managed to create a band referring to the idea that charmed the mind of the French writer. Kai and Micheal overreached this idea: they've given a sort of global dimension by calling their collaborative project, involving the precious contributions by bass player Christian Weber and drummer Eric Schaefer, 'The International Nothing (...and something)'. By means of the persuasive power of the language, they even coined an unusual title for this release, possibly subverting the dogma of contemporary sentimental education (please excuse this further quotation), according to which the so-called negative thinking is something that must be condemned and combated by any possible expensive means by a flimflam psychotherapist. Besides any possible matching, "The Power Of Negative Thinking" features seven bizarre sessions, where the sound of clarinet, together with crooked stressing by bass and drum, looking like belonging to a dark-jazz ensemble in slow-motion, portrays sinister and somehow deviant soundscapes in between melting elongations on single tones, gently sneaking grooves, bipolar microtonal clarinet beatings, softened hits and other helpful tricks that succeed in rendering a mysterious atmosphere, reaching its acme in the almost disturbing choked crescendo of "Long Bow Glowing", the hypnotic minimalism of "What You Need To Know About Drowning" and the thin and almost lulling dissonance spurting in tracks like "The Golden Age Of Miscommunication" and the final "Nothing's Gonna Last Forever".

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