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Artist: Lustmord
Title: Dark Matter
Format: CD + Download
Label: Touch
Distributor: Touch
Drawing patterns and building slow audio loops from a decade's worth of astronomical data gives you ambience that's as cold as deep space. Yet "Dark Matter" is also imbued with a feeling of an organic heartbeat, beating in geological time. If you're paranoid about being watched by aliens, this won't calm you.

Second track "Astronomicon" draws out this rhythm, if you can call something that's around six beats per minute a rhythm, into something akin to waves crashing on a shore. Later on this morphs into alien whalesong. It's fantastically soporific and despite the sinister undertones and the more industrial and mechanical notes in "Black Static", it can still lull you to sleep, and the inevitable sci-fi dreams that would follow.

Lustmord has an impressive CV of Hollywood sound design stretching back over 20 years. From there comes a clear understanding and mastery of the power of perfect sub-bass, which all of this release is steeped in. Only with the volume high do you really appreciate the level of detail and quality that underpins these three twenty-something-minute tracks. A confident and very masterful seventy minute magnificent ambience.

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