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Artist: drøne (@)
Title: Reversing Into The Future
Format: 12"
Label: Pomperirossa (@)
Rated: *****
"A very hot day in the hills above Los Angeles… only possible to work in the mornings because of the sweltering afternoon heat, so all a bit frantic, but with a kink in time. There is no wifi-controlled air conditioning; the car is electric-powered and charging up. It has barely rained for months, (if not years) and the hoses are working overtime. Its an analogue session; Mark’s modular synth set up is working furiously and overheating. We are pushing sounds through and seeing what works… and things gradually take shape. The forms seem to determine themselves; how much control do we have? How much do we want? Some peculiar things start to happen and the haze bends. Some of the sounds seem alive and are quick to reform as we struggle to contain them, like trying to stuff snakes into a bag. The sounds moan and sing, forming their own phonemes.”. I guess these words got written by Mike Harding, being the other half of this bicephalous project Mark Van Hoen, mentioned in the third person; if you try to render the described heat and the set and the setting where this recording sessions supposedly occurred, you'll better get deeper into the amazingly mutating drones these guys wisely forged before delivering them to Anna von Hausswolff's imprint Pomperipossa. Anna herself described it as "a unique jewel". The vinyl format they've chosen required a split into two parts, but it should get perceived as a continuous track, where the initial set sounds like a rising crescendo: the heating fed a sort of tightness and a burden that got mitigated by slightly "airy" moments of the drone recurring like temporary flurries. Some short wave radio disturbed voices in the second part sounds like ghostly entities that are parts of the hallucinatory torment, inspired by a mirage, which suddenly turns into like a kind of report from a mystical experience, whose phonemes gradually begin to get more and more intelligible...

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