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Artist: Attaché
Title: Edinburgh EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: International Day Off
Distributor: DBH
This is a really polished, layered EP from the Polish-or-possibly-Czech Attaché. Whilst the press release makes a point of referencing the house sound of '90's UK, I don't agree- this is bang-up-to-date deep progressive 4/4.

Opening track "Atoll" is a measured, quite leisurely stroll across techno's more daytime side. The Blazej Malinowski remix brings it back into the darkness, with a slightly sinister twist, though the remix does end up feeling like the most ordinary track of the pack.

"Berliner Blast" is a beautifully-handled eleven minute journey, mesmeric and captivating. It's always a class piece of work when an essentially repetitive form like this can turn tricks and progressions that make eleven minutes of a single track not feel in any way repetitive for a second. It's the stand-out track.

Title track "Edinburgh" is more discordant and faintly jarring, with its offbeat and seemingly off-key, almost jazz-like cut-up groove samples. It's a little harder to make friends with this track. The PLEBS remix of "Edinburgh", however, with its thick rolling tribal kick drum patterns, that's a whole other story, where everything makes sense. I would love to hear the remix on a big system.

Not every track is brilliant, but it's worth the price of admission for "Berliner Blast" alone and the other tracks are all strong too.

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