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Artist: Vloyd
Title: Stamp EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Credo
Distributor: Bandcamp
"Stamp" is a throbbing, relentless low-frequency workout with such a deep reverberation throughout that it sounds more like your neighbours are listening to it, rather than you. The "come on let's go" sample is straight out of the classic Josh Wink songbook.

As the name suggests "Zen" is milder, but everything's relative; it's still a dark and brooding six-minute drum cycle, except that the percussion issues at least a passing acknowledgement to the higher frequencies. The other ingredients, such as the deep breathing and the resistance to change, closely follow the title track's formula.

The Alex Bau remix of "Stamp" notches up the urgency and re-orders things in a slightly more progressive way, but stays so close in spirit to the original that the remix and original are interchangeable.

Alex Dolby's take on "Stamp" ramps up the tempo a lot, adding claps, filters and electrotech flavours and ditching the vocal. The long breakdown works a treat but it can feel a bit frantic if you've already been lured into the walking pace of the previous three tracks. At the end it drops sharply off a cliff as if the money ran out, giving an abrupt end to an otherwise very consistent package.

This is a solid and single-minded clutch of stomping tracks on Credo.

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