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Artist: War Anyway (@)
Title: War For Peace
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
As far as I can tell, War Anyway is a French Martial/Industrial duo and I think 'War For Peace' is their debut release. According to their press release, War Anyway says "Loudness and war songs are the way to bring the necessary war for peace." To me that's kind of like saying "the sounds of sniper fire and songs about shooting cops is the best way to end gun violence." Okay, I get it. Industrial music has a long history of war-themed songs, both real and imagined. But here, we have a rather artless attempt to make a name for a clichéd-sounding industrial act with their scorched-earth policy of all out war themed
tracks. Beginning with "Crossing the Rubicon," the band starts out with a kind of percussive apocalyptic ambience before crunchy guitar and abrasive growl-shout vocals take over. I guess you're supposed to be imagining Caesar's soldiers marching into glory, but it sounds more like an army of Blutos in search of a Popeye to pound. "We Are the Army" takes a Front 242 beat with more Bluto vocals (occasionally morhping into screamo) but injects this light tinkertoy melody over the top. WTF? Maybe they were striving for irony, but the incrongruity is just overwhelming. "Actions Have Consequences" samples about half of Obama's March 2011 speech on the Libya intervention (let's face it, it was a fucking invasion) over an martial-industrial music background. Does anyone really want to hear that crap again? I think not. And that's the entire song, lock stock and barrel. "The Rise of a Tyrant" has plenty of staccato industrial guitar stabs with more agressive growly vocals. Final track, "The System is Down" is the only track that shows a hint of promise with its cyber-techy ambience, until those Blutoid vocals come in and and render the whole thing into some parody of an industrial band. You know, I really like industrial music, good industrial music that has been done by many class acts over the years, and even some new lights on the horizon, but this, this is just sub-par. Unless these guys can come up with something a whole lot better for their next release, they better not quit their day jobs.

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