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Artist: Coppice
Title: Cores/Eruct
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Category of manifestation

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Acoustic-electronic and electro-acoustic modulating duo Jospeph Cramer and Noe Cuellar aka Coppice, recorded Cores/Eruct, the audio equivalent of wandering through a vast robot fabrication and repair facility. Things start slowly with opening track, “Bluing”, as if the facility is just starting-up first thing in the morning with more tentative machine noises going through a boot-up sequence. Yet, one can almost feel high voltage power build up, a kind of omnipresent hum permeates. The closest analogy is when one approaches a power transformer or power lines where electricity is felt as much heard. The power build up and tension is strong, looking for the machines to fully awaken for the discharge. “Son Form” is more animated with machines going through a preliminary integrity check, but the following “Seam (Kinder)” is where the facility is in full swing. If you put Cores/Eruct on a decent home stereo, you really can give your neighbors the impression you are running a mechanical factory from home. “While Like Teem Or Bloom Comes (Tipping)” is where I realize that Coppice reminds me of Pan Sonic, albeit less software and more electronics as they use Transmitters, a “modified boom box”, a “prepared pump organ”, “funnels” and “tape processes” though I do see a laptop in promotional documentation so I figure there is some software manipulation. These electronics are arranged in clever melodies and rhythmic compositions, much like Pan Sonic, only Coppice works with more visceral textures. The final track “Blueing”, is similar to opening “Bluing”, only it gives the impression of the plant winding down instead of up. End of work day. If you are into Pan Sonic but prefer more 'acoustic' mechanical textures, as in real machines, this disc is for you.

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