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Artist: Stefano De Ponti (@)
Title: Calce
Format: CD
Label: Kohlhaas (@)
Rated: *****
The title of this project, the italian term for lime, reminds of the building material that is obtained by a relatively long process in which various materials are used. So, this releases is made by two distinct elements a book made by Nina Haab where black and white pictures, color images of stones and texts remind of a period when the extraction of limestone, the primary element for lime, was a source of income as well as related with a tough life. The same elements are used in the audio part made by Stefano De Ponti.
The material's noise that is the base of "le premier son qui vient", the first track of this release, is the background of a complex track where various samples are used to generate a tension between sounds from a time which was and the noises, so it mirrors the structure of the book in some way. While the beat in the first part of "il ronzio degli insetti" remind to the extraction's work, the final voice of the track with the words "scream" and "whisper" announce the final part of the track whose complex sinewaves introduce "K’AN / airy abysmal" whose second part is focused on the words "stay at the peak of the jam if you wanna see" ("stay at the top of the cliff, if you wanna see" is one of the topic of the book) screamed upon a soundscape of great impact resolved in a sort of jazz session. "Spoken stones" is a long track developed upon sounds of stones, a sort of slowly moving drone and sparse samples in the first part while the second is focused on a suspended atmosphere generated by the tones which was in the background in the first part. "HSÜ / haunt of waiting and nourishment" closes this release as a song, for a bunch of seconds, interrupted by stone's samples in a quiet silence until a string quartet seems to close this release only to leave space to a final stone's sound.
It's not usual to write about a release whose visual and audio part are so intertwined but with a meaning dealed with separately. The continuos correspondences between the two works create layers of meanings that have to be discovered with a committed approach of contemplation. Absolutely essential.

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