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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Nebulullaby
Format: 12"
Label: nebularosa (@)
Rated: *****
The first release by Nebularosa, a new label devoted to experimental electronic music, collects a bunch of tracks reworking the format of lullaby music. The ancient art of creating music to make babies sleep is interpreted in various ways as an example of consciousness-altering music. From a musical perspective, this release oscillates between almost reasonable lullabies as "Bailalice" by d. R. e. G. S. which is a dreamy sonata for tones, "Blue Heron" by Samuel Hertz whose videogames sounds reminds at a child age, "Fading Out" by Erich Barganier inspired by tunes for glockenspiel "Two Minutes In The Canteen" by Adrian Carter which mocks a recognizable pop tunes, a typical strategy for a lullaby which has to be reassuring and "Yo Gaba Gaba" by David Jason Snow, a track which is able to cradle someone. The other side of this release is more canonical experimental tunes as "Radiguelising Babies" by Thor Magnusson and "Sea organ 2" by Claude Heiland-Allen which rely on drones; "The Stars" by Repl Electric and "Untitled_blue_red" by Victor Zappi based on strange melodies and an arcade tune as "lullaby_in.c" by 0xA. Noise tracks as "Thorium" by Robert B. Lisek and "Discontinuity" by Marta Zapparoli close this release as a call for adulthood.
A really well crafted release, the digital version has a peculiar image for every track and even notes, that let a bunch of artists express on an uneasy theme. So, even if someone run out the spot, who cares? A nice release and a good business card for the label.

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