Music Reviews

Artist: Clara de Asís (@)
Title: Uno todo tres
Format: CD
Label: PiedNu (@)
Distributor: Metamkine
Rated: *****
The music composed by Clara de Asís in this release is based on an idea of space that is triggered by sound. The text accompanying this release titled "some ideas that produced this music" reveals, apart from the explanation of the process in composition and performance, how she considers space not as the environment where sound is diffused but as a property of perception. It's an idea of sound as an object rather than an abstract entity.
The track starts quietly with a quiet drone which varies slowly and seems to move along the aural field; his second part uses the same structure in a lower range but it slowly evolves into an accumulation of drones creating a sense of fullness reminding at the cover picture with branches piled up on a road acting as a metaphor on how this release is developed. At the end of this part, the initial drone returns creating a sonic circle ending in the same silence where the track has begun.
Whilst this work evolves there's a constant shift in some parameter of the sound that creates the perception of someone generating the musical event rather than contemplating the result of an experiment. Every fans of EAI will truly enjoy this release. Recommended.

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