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Artist: Nobile
Title: Soundwaves for the Masses
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Klanggold (@)
Rated: *****
Most of the times, the way by which a language labels reality is profoundly influential on the way speakers could perceive the reality itself. One of the most interesting writing about this matter of fact is "The Bath" by Germany-based Japanese writer Yoko Tawada, where she analysed the words to say 'I' for females and males in Japan and focused on the fact that the nuances of meaning of the female 'I' portray a woman that cannot be other than cute or polite. The reflection about this radical linguistic injustice inspires the author's high claiming of the self-determination and the freedom of every woman to decide their nature without any more or less subliminal conditioning by language. One of the oldest member of Klanggold's family, Nobile - another moniker of label owner Andreas Usenbenz -, had to occasion to turn this mental and spiritual "sanitation" from languages when he had to make some sonic stuff for a dancing performance by the trio liquid_eMotion, inspired by Tawada's "The Bath" and intended to interpret the psychological turmoil and the relationship with the mirror and her beauty of the writer in that entertaining novel. "Soundwave for the masses" includes two 10-minutes lasting ambient tracks - the almost daydreaming flatness of "Little Insults" and the glimmering staticity of "No Room For Imitations", where he seems to have rendered the typical reverberation of a comfortable bathroom...! - centered on sonic hypnotic dilutions and amniotic sonorities. A good sonic soak.

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