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Artist: Kayaka
Title: Sonic Kitchen
Format: CD
Label: ADAADAT (@)
Rated: *****
If you might fancy the sound of a piano coupled with that of frying eggs, Kayaka's "Sonic Kitchen" may be the not-so-subtle mockery of cultivated musicianship you've been looking for! Not to insinuate that it's in any way contrived or orchestrated to lampoon the pretentiousness that surrounds experimental music, or that it is overtly gimmicky. Though it does have a neoteric snobbery about it, the short (29 minutes) album is playful, joyful, and is seemingly unfettered. Sonic surrealism, indeed!

Many tracks on the album feature solo piano, and I am left to ponder if they are all samples (which is what I suspect), or composed and/or performed by Kayaka herself? Numerous compositions marry solo piano ('Hungarian Rhapsodist' & 'Tropic of Cancer’) or a small ensemble ('Pickled Tango') with various 'living-life-noise' sounds, such as the aforementioned culinary exploits, as well as echoed footsteps, apparent rapid page-turning, and voiceover morsels.

I was left pondering where the numerous voiceover and thematic samples may stem from, though in this case decoding all of the ingredients in any one recipe is likely to miss the point. Better to quietly masticate and savor what you can of this smörgåsbord.

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