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Artist: Maeror Tri
Title: Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
This new reissue from Zoharum collects two tapes from Maeror Tri which documents their first steps as band instead of the previous reissues (“Emotional Engramm” and “Meditamentum”) that were their most mature effort.
“Sensuum Mendacia” was released in 1991 and is one of their most ambient release. "Antrum" is based upon a drone which slowly evolve revealing subtle nuances and resonances. "Soma 2" is an hypnotic track based on the juxtaposition of loops. "Choir of Transcendence" uses a guitar processed using delay. "Mental Electricity" is an almost industrial track based on noises and drones. "Aegritudo" is constructed from slowed down guitar recordings. The resonances of "Animorum Post Mortem Ab Aliis Ad Alios Transitio" closes this release which, even in the limitations of the recording process reveals the research of the creative use of a 4 track tape.
"Somnia" is the A side of a split release with Nostalgie Eternelle and sounds as focused in their most hypnotic side. "Somnia" opens this release with an ethereal loop while "Vox Sirenum" is closer to certain dark ambient. "Soma 1" is based on heavily effected bass and guitar while "Onyx" heavily process samples. "Indagatio" closes this release with lines of synth generating gentle drones.
An obscure gem from the past which could sound underdeveloped at a structural level but reveals choices in the sound palette that anticipate their mature result some year later. It's really worth a listen.

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