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Artist: Ticklish (@)
Title: Swinging Flavors #3
Format: 7"
Label: Beat Machine Records (@)
Rated: *****
The 7" vinyl series Swinging Flavors on the Italian label Beat Machine Records, hosting some impressive underground (and sometimes unjustly unknown) bass-driven electronic music makers, got started by Simon/off's Sun People juke-oriented "Flowers", spiced by "Wild Obsession" - a collaborative output by Lynch Kingsley and Block Mameli - and now fostered by this lovely tidbit by Berlin-based producer Ticklish. The original version "Lost" focuses on the repetition of a vocal sample (saying "I've been loved" or maybe "I've been lost") over brushes of bulbous synth-driven hops, junk-style beats, awesome digital drums fill-ins that unpredictable flow into that kind of diamond wheeling piano, which got widely used in chic house, garage and new age before it gets electrified by an enveloping slightly distorted bass and crispy percussions. Antony Williams aka Addison Groove reroutes the energy of the original version along a likewise catchy junk-electro directrix, while listeners opting for the digital release will be delighted by "Redshift", a bonus track where Ticklish dived into a computational pool that he embellished by means of hisses and supposedly masked field recordings (audible when beating got stopped). Keep an ear on this guy.

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