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Artist: Umanzuki (@)
Title: Andante plumbeo
Format: Tape
Label: Kohlhaas (@)
Rated: *****
Umanzuki is a three-piece act based in Florence whose new release is a 30 minute-long track recorded in an improv session. It's always courageous to conceive a work of this duration in times where people is used to hear music as beats and pieces, mostly when the reference framework is not the trend of the moment but a form now firmly dated. The most obvious reference which comes in mind hearing this release is kosmische music but it's a starting point rather than an exercise of nostalgia.
The track start quietly as a dialogue between an atmospheric synth and the sparse notes of a bass. His development could be described as the juxtaposition of the sustained notes of the synth and the percussive notes of a bass, or could also be a percussion, which also has the function to expose a sort of meditative loop which varies. So when the synth comes in the foreground, as the percussive element slows down, this release starts to evolve in a sort of drone release without the trivial sustain of a couple of tones but instead it develops a sort of melody at slow speed which sometimes stop to let the listener aware to the return of the percussive element and the insertion of a soundscape. The return of the synth marks the final part of the track based upon the complexity of the underlying beat which closes this release as an heartbeat.
As could be superficially simply decoded as derivative from well known form of kosmische music, it reveals instead some references from ambient language and rock which are merged into the result instead of being a trivial juxtaposition. With his long running time, it's not a release for everyone but could be a nice one for committed listener. Almost recommended.

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